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Mapping Mobility - Cartographies en mouvement

Juillet 2019

Edited by / Textes réunis et publiés par Marie MIANOWSKI, Pierre-Alexandre BEYLIER, Samia OUNOUGHI, et Christine VANDAMME

This collection of essays on mapping mobility aims at questioning how changing relationships to land, place and landscape challenge authors and artists in representing otherness ethically, depending on the various histories of colonial power and postcolonial empowerment of the territories whose stories are being narrated. As Shameem Black notes in Fiction Across Borders : Imagining the Lives of Others in Late Twentieth-Century Novels, “because fiction conventionally calls attention to the texture of experiential life through emplotted action, the novel almost always participates in one form or another of social border crossing” (8). The articles that follow discuss the ways in which geographical border crossings and social border crossings are enmeshed, and how this entanglement is represented in various discourses and in literature and the arts. In this volume, “ethics” is understood in the way Shameem Black defines it, as “the ethos of responsibility to one’s object of inquiry, responsibility opposed to hegemonic domination and representational violence” (3). This volume questions the ethics of representation when discussing and representing human border crossings and places of belonging, whether in legal discourse or in literature and the arts.


Colloque international ‘Violets in a Crucible’ – La Traduction comme lieu de passage

L’Université Grenoble Alpes a le plaisir d’annoncer qu’elle organise un colloque international conjointement avec la Jawaharlal Nehru University de New Delhi, à Grenoble du 22 au 24 juin 2016 : « Violets in a Crucible » – La Traduction comme lieu de passage.

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