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The Real in Fiction

September 2022

Résumé :

Edited by Anne-Laure Tissut

By bringing together two notions often deemed to be antagonistic, this project aims at exploring the intricate mesh of our relations with the world as mediatized by fiction―represented, reflected and analysed by fiction as well as questioned by it. Theoreticians, literary critics, a philosopher and an artist joined forces, not in the aim of bringing down the diversity of approaches and definitions to a consistent unity but on the contrary, to illustrate the limitless field of possibilities opened out by the conjunction of the two terms.
Several main lines of analysis are addressed in this volume : the fictional treatment of historical facts, the tentative fictional renderings of the irruption of events in the daily, when the real tears up the seamless fabric of the predictable, or again the literary forms and structures meant to promote illusion and the reader’s adhering to the offered fiction by blurring―or even erasing―the traces of the presence of the creator yet at the origin of said illusion
Through the investigation of the effects of fiction upon the readers’―or players’―imaginative configurations as well as upon the forms of their relations to the world, hopefully some of the specificities of the function of representation in literature and games will be brought to light.

Contributeurs :

Anne-Laure Tissut

The Concept of Contamination in Transuniverse Relations : Napoleon in a Fictional World
Arnaud Schmitt

“The texture of et cetera” – synchronizing with the blurry real in 21st century artists’ novels (Sheila Heti, Ben Lerner, Kate Zambreno)
Yannicke Chupin

Off-Centring the Real in Postcolonial Fiction
Arijana Luburić-Cvijanović

The Dark Side of Branding : Language and the Real in Colson Whitehead’s Apex Hides the Hurt (2006)
Michel Feith

Kind One by Laird Hunt, or a tale of a real twice lost : writing the individual and collective memory of slavery
Anne-Julie Debare

“Missing people never make sense” : Don DeLillo’s Point Omega or, Addressing the Terroristic Real to Oneself
Karim Daanoune

Introduction to Character by Paul Heintz
Florian Beauvallet

Character (excerpts)*
Paul Heintz

The Realism of Speculative Fiction : Planetary Polyphony and Scale in Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future
Pierre-Louis Patoine

Reception and the Real in the Reception of 20th and 21st Century American Short Fiction : Robert Coover’s “The Babysitter” (1969), Ben Marcus’s “Cold Little Bird” (2018) and Brian Evenson’s “Born Stillborn” (2019)
Maud Bougerol

Wargames as realistic tabletop simulations of fictional events : the case of Warhammer games
Martin Buthaud

* Our warmest thanks go to artist Paul Heintz and the Extensibles publishing house for having generously allowed the reproduction of excerpts from Character.

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