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Remake, Genre and Gender in English-speaking Films and TV Series

Janvier 2017

Résumé :

Textes réunis et publiés par / edited by Donna Andréolle (Université du Havre) & Claire Maniez (Univ. Grenoble Alpes – ILCEA4)

As a follow-up to the December 2015 issue of Représentations, “Bis repetita placent ? Remake et technologie dans le cinéma et les séries télévisées anglophones”, this issue returns to the question of the remake by focusing on the intersections between film and television genres and the representations of gender in movies and television series. The recent wave of critical writings on film adaptation encourages investigations into how new versions of a movie or series question the interpretation of genre and gender. Indeed, the generic conventions of specific genres are very often gendered. The remake criticizes, implicitly, explicitly and sometimes even emphatically, the “uncharted territories” of a genre and its gender stereotypes.

Contributeurs :

Preface : “The images of the world have returned … every one of them”
Constantine Verevis

Remaking Horror According to the Feminists Or How to Have your Cake and Eat It, Too
David Roche

“Kind of a Drag…” : Gender-Bending in Early 1970s American Sitcoms and Comedy Programs (with special focus on NBC’s The Flip Wilson Show, ABC’s The Odd Couple and CBS’s M*A*S*H)
Dennis Tredy

TV Remakes, Revivals, Updates, and Continuations : Making Sense of the Reboot on Television
Mehdi Achouche

“You Should Always Kill The Villain Twice” : Australian Horror Movies and the Guilty Pleasures That Won’t Go Away.
Hervé Cantero

Of gowns and mustachios : cherchez la folle in Mike Nichols’ remake of La cage aux folles
Agathe Torti Alcayaga

Man Made and Remade : the Avatars of Masculinity in Robocop (1987) and its Remake (2014)
Cyril Besson

American Reinvention : Nordic Noir and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher, 2011)
Jennifer Gordon

From the Nordic police procedural to American Border Drama
Karima Thomas

Adaptation and Variation, Remaking the Dynamics of Gender in Sherlock, a New Sleuth for the 21st Century
Hélène Marchinal

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, from Rouben Mamoulian (1932) to Victor Fleming (1941) : Remaking a Horror Myth, Aesthetics, Ideology and Gender Issues
Gilles Menegaldo

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